Physical therapists perform detailed musculoskeletal assessments and determine the appropriate treatment for various conditions, including orthopedic (muscle, bone joint), geriatric, and cardiorespiratory. Physiotherapy uses physical techniques to improve movement, reduce pain and stiffness, speed up healing, and increase quality of life. GHC Physiotherapy is covered by OHIP, private insurance or self-pay.

Physiotherapy Services Provided:


A therapeutic method used to promote healing and pain relief

Assistive Device Program Assessments

Provides assessments and prescription of mobility devices to access government funding

Ergonomic Assessments

Assessment of workstation to ensure correct set-up and posture.

Concussion Rehabilitation

Post-concussion syndrome has become more prominent in recent years

Physical Demands Analysis (PDA)

A PDA is a technique to objectively measure a job's physical demands

Vestibular Rehabilitation (Vertigo)

Vertigo is a false sense that your body is moving

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

(ex. shoulder rotator cuff repair)

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

(ex. knee and ankle sprains)

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

After a motor vehicle accident, physiotherapy can help patients recover

Custom Exercise Programs

Each program is tailored specifically to our clients needs and goals

Chronic Pain Treatment

Physiotherapists can help patients reduce chronic pain

Worker's Compensation Injuries

Physiotherapy is a safe and fast way to recover from work-related injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

OHIP funding is available for individuals who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Age 65 and over
  • Age 19 and under
  • Referred for a condition directly related to a recent (within 12 months) overnight hospital stay
  • Receives Ontario Works or ODSP

All individuals who access OHIP MUST have a doctor or nurse practitioner’s referral. The referral must be for an ACUTE condition – funding is not available for chronic conditions

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. If you’re having your back or legs looked at please bring shorts or stretchy pants that will roll up past your knees. If you’re having your neck, shoulder or arms looked at please wear or bring a sleeveless top with a loose collar. 

If you’ve been in a car accident and are being treated under your motor vehicle insurance please bring the following information:

  • Date of Accident
  • Insurance Company Name
  • Policy Number
  • Insurance Adjuster’s Name and Phone Number
  • Completed OCF-1 form

If you’ve had a workplace accident please bring the following information:

  • Date of Injury
  • Workplace Address and Phone Number
  • Workplace Contact Person
  • Claim Number (if you have one)

If you’ve had surgery or are accessing OHIP funding please bring your doctor’s referral to your first appointment.

To make an appointment for physiotherapy please call our direct line at 705-759 5521.

There is no referral required for physiotherapy services. However, your private insurance may require a referral from your doctor. If you’re accessing OHIP funding a referral from a nurse practitioner or doctor is required.

Billing/Funding Options Include:

  • WSIB – GHC Physiotherapy can help individuals recover from work-related injuries and will work with WSIB to coordinate their treatment and help them return to work. 
  • MVA
  • OHIP
  • Private Insurance (direct billing whenever possible)


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T: 705-759-5521

F: 705-759-7455

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: Closed