Audiology: HearingLife Canada

Our HearingLife clinic has partnered with the Group Health Centre to give you access to the most advanced hearing aid technology, clinical support and the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment.  

We are a full-service hearing clinic staffed by highly trained and certified hearing healthcare professionals ready to provide professional care and on-the-spot results.

Services Provided Include: 

  • Comprehensive hearing assessments
    (Adults 18 years + – free; Children 5-17 years *contact clinic for details)
  • Audiological report sent to GP/ ENT 
  • Tinnitus management
  • Custom moulded earplugs
  • A broad selection of brand-name digital hearing aids and assistive listening devices to meet your lifestyle and budget
  • Hearing aid servicing and repairs
  • Counselling and Assistance
  • Affordable prices and flexible payment plans
  • 90 Day risk-free trial period
  • Our 360-After Care Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no referral required for audiology services. 

To make an appointment for audiology, please call our direct line at (705) 759 7453, or you can book online at

HearingLife encourages anyone who thinks they have a hearing loss to get their hearing tested.  Those over 60 years of age should get their hearing checked annually as hearing loss affects those 60 years of age and older the most. 

  1. Discuss hearing concerns, medical history and lifestyle factors.
  2. Physical ear examination- to understand if there are any medical explanations for your hearing loss.
  3. Comprehensive hearing assessment includes a series of tests such as tone, word, and speech in noise tests.
  4. Same-day verbal test results and recommended solutions/ advice.  
  5. Referral to a physician if medically indicated.
  • WSIB (Worker’s compensation)
  • DVA (Veteran Affairs)
  • NIHB (First Nations)
  • ODSP (Ontario Disability)
  • OHIP
  • Private Insurance
  • Other available grants


240 McNabb St. Sault Ste. Marie, ON, P6B1Y5

T: 705-759-7453

F: 705-759-8574

Reginal Manager: Jennifer Vosper

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm 
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: Closed